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Models of Project Implementation

    1. Models of Project Implementation
      RVNL is implementing rail projects primarily through following models:
      1. Formation of Project Specific SPVs having equity and debt financing.
      2. Build Own Transfer (BOT) route, wherein the entire financing is arranged by the private developer through equity and debt route.
      3. Private Railway, wherein the project is funded as part of the port project.
      4. Projects are implemented either through the construction units of Zonal Railways or by award of EPC contract by RVNL and funds are raised by RVNL directly

    2. Projects to be implemented through SPVs
      The following projects are being planned for implementation through creation of Project specific Special Purpose Vehicle (SPVs) having equity participation by both strategic and financial investors.
      1. Haridaspur – Paradeep New Line & RE (Orissa)
      2. Bharuch – Samni – Dahej Gauge Conversion (Gujarat)
      3. Surat – Hazira New Line (Gujarat)
      4. Obuvallirapalle – Krishnapatnam New Line (Andhra Pradesh)
      5. Arsikeri Hassan – Mangalore Gauge Conversion (Karnataka)
      6. Gandhidham – Palanpur Gauge Conversion (Gujarat)
      7. Angul - Sukinda New Line & RE(Orissa)

    3. Projects to be implemented through BOT/EPC Contracts
      The project implementation through BOT Model requires financing and construction of the project by the private developer. RVNL will pay Access Charge to the developer for a fixed period of time. In case of EPC contracts, the financial resources will be raised by RVNL and the private firms will undertake construction. The following projects are identified:
      1. Delhi – Rewari Gauge Conversion of 2nd Line
      2. Rewari – Phulera – Ajmer Gauge Conversion
      3. Junction Cabin – Palwal 4th Line
      4. Thanjavur – Villupuram Gauge Conversion
      5. Daund – Gulbarga Doubling
      6. Punskura – Kharagpur 3rd Line
      7. Bhildi – Samdari Gauge Conversion
      8. Panvel – JNPT Doubling
      9. Bhopal – Bina 3rd Line
      10. Daitari – Banaspani New Line and Banaspani-Jakhpura RE
      11. Pakni – Solapur Doubling
      12. Pakni – Mahol Doubling
      13. Palwal – Bhuteshwar 3rd Line
      14. Cuddalore – Salem Gauge Conversion (Tamil Nadu)
      15. Diva - Kaylan doubling of 5&6 Line
      16. Gurup - Shaktigath:3rd Line
      17. New Delhi -Tilak Bridge:5th & 6th Line
      18. Attipattu-Korukkupettai 3rd Line
      19. Balapalle-Pullampet:Phase-1 of Gooty-Renigunta Doubling.
      20. Kharagpur/Nipmura-Bhubaneshwar including branch line of Talcher-Cuttack-Paradip
      21. Bhubaneshwar-Kottavalasa
      22. Jakhpura-Haridaspur 3rd Line Doubling
      23. Tikiapara-Santragachi
      24. Panskura-Haldia Phase-I
      25. Barauni-Tilrath Bypass Doubling
      26. Hospet-Guntakal
      27. Salka Road-Annuppur Doubling
      28. Panskura-Haldia Phase-II

    4. Projects being developed as Private Railways
      1. Vallarpadiam - Idapalli New Line (Kerala)

    5. Projects being implemented through ADB Funding
      1. Talcher-Cuttak-Paradeep Doubling with Second Bridge over river Mahanadi at Birupa.
      2. Gooty – Renigunta Patch Doubling
      3. Bilaspur – Urkura 3rd Line
      4. Rajatgarh – Barang
      5. Cuttack – Barang Doubling
      6. Khurda – Barang 3rd Line
      7. Aligarh – Ghaziabad 3rd Line
      8. Raichur – Guntakal Doubling
      9. Renigunta – Guntakal Railway Electrification
      10. Pune - Guntakal Railway Electrification
      11. Pattabiram-Tiruvallur 4th Line & Tiruvallur-Arakkonam 3rd Line Doubling

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