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Corporate Vision

To emerge as most efficient rail infrastructure provider with sound financial base and global construction practices for timely completion of projects.

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited was set up with twin objectives of mobilization of private and market funds and implement Railway Projects on fast track basis.  RVNL has gained significant hands on experience in private partnerships, dealing with multilateral agency like ADB, understanding their procedures and guidelines and utilization of multilateral funds for Railway Projects and execution of large contracts involving significant planning and project management and delivery of projects in a time bound manner

The experience gained by RVNL is unique. Challenge before Indian Railways is to execute large number of projects on fast track basis to quickly augment capacity on the over saturated network.

Keeping in view, likely manifold increase in construction activity and need to implement projects in a tighter time schedule, RVNL will have to play a key role in removing capacity bottlenecks and implementation of projects. Based on the experience gained so far, RVNL need to be assigned the following role in future: -

  1. RVNL will be assigned large capacity creation programmes viz. removal of capacity bottlenecks on High Density Network,
  2. RVNL will play a greater role in creating capacity on Golden Quadrilateral and can be assigned the projects as an outcome of studies being undertaken by RVNL for Freight Corridors on North South, East West, East Coast Corridors, etc.
  3. RVNL will be assigned with large Railway Electrification Projects.
  4. RVNL will undertake construction of Mega Bridges. Such bridges are ideal candidate for multilateral funding as the same does not involve any R&R issue.
  5. Projects to be implemented with multilateral funding such as ADB and World Bank.
  6. Projects to be implemented through Public Private Partnership through various models.
  7. Construction of about 1000 kms of track every year.
  8. Expenditure of about Rs.3,000 cr. every year.
  9. Full operationalisation of RVNL as Railway Administration under Railways Act, 1989 Section 3(32b) as per cabinet approval.
  10. To bring global construction technology in railway construction, to deliver best quality and to have cost effective design, construction to reduce the life cycle cost of project.
  11. Assignment of critical Railway Development Activities, requiring new skills and techniques.