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RVNL Mandate

RVNL’s creation was approved by the Government of India on 19.12.2002 and it was registered as a Company under the Companies Act, 1956 on 24th January 2003.  It is 100% Government owned Central Public Sector Undertaking. RVNL is created for the following purpose and mandate: -
  1. RVNL is a PSU, the equity of which may be given to other PSUs, Banks, Financial Institutions or other strategic partners.
  2. RVNL’s role is that of a developer, who develops the project to enable non-budgetary funding, mobilizes financial resources and executes the project.  The project is offered to railways for train operation and maintenance under the specific financial arrangement.
  3. In terms of legal status, RVNL is a Railway Administration under Railways Act, 1989. 
  4. RVNL is an umbrella Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), which undertakes project development, resource mobilization and can undertake the projects directly or by creation of Project Specific SPVs or any other financing structure, which is found suitable for a particular project.
  5. RVNL is to take up capacity augmentation projects on the golden quadrilateral and other bankable projects covered under National Rail Vikas Yojana.  This programme included capacity augmentation projects on Golden Quadrilateral and its diagonals, last mile port connectivity and corridors to hinterland.
Operationalisation of RVNL began in Aug., 2003 with posting of three officers.  The process for sanction of the posts for Board of Directors was commenced simultaneously and RVNL was fully operationalised in March, 2005 by placing the full complement of Board of Directors in position.