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Public Notice

Jul 07 2006                                                                  Click here to Download Document

The Rajatpur to Barang railway line stretches over 27.788 km in the state Orissa. Major part of the rail line section is in Cuttack district of Orissa. At present, Rajatgarh to Barang has single line 25 kms in length. It is proposed to double this line to meet the increasing demand of traffic. Rajatgarh Barang single line section is part of Talcher- Rajatgarh Barang single section (98 km) which joins Howrah Madras East coast main line at Barang. The Eastern Railway has proposed the doubling of an important section between Rajatgarh and Barang with the main objective to give connection to Talcher coalfields with Howrah Madras main line. The present single line is mainly used for movement of coal. Therefore, with the proposed doubling Rajatgarh and Barang, the complete section will be double guage and can cater to increasing demand.

Most of the railway improvement work will be carried out within existing right of way, except for strip acquisition (8.75 acre) of privately owned land presently being used for agricultural purposes. The study covered 17.33 m width required to establish a corridor of impact. All the structures and land within this width were examined and a census of the project affected persons (APs) and an assets inventory was carried out. In addition, a socioeconomic survey simultaneously with the census and assets inventory and public consultations have been carried out for all those affected. The Short Resettlement Plan (SRP) addresses the impact and outlines the measures, including resettlement of the affected persons in accordance with ADB’s Policy on Involuntary Resettlement (1995).

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