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Public Notice

Feb 26 2018                                                                  Click here to Download Document
Execution of balance works for construction of major bridges (excluding the work of bridge superstructures of steel open web and composite girders) of bridge no. 24 (3*18.3m PSC), 43 (3*18.3m PSC), 58 (1*30.5m open web steel girder), 66 (3*45.7m open web steel girder), 97 (3*18.3m PSC), 326 (3*30.5m open web steel girder), 341 (3*30.5m composite steel girder welded type), 348 (7*30.5m open web steel girder) 352 (3*12.2m PSC), 355 (5*30.5m open web steel girder), 367 (6*30.5m composite steel girder welded type) and 390 (10*30.5m open web steel girder) in connection with doubling between Jaroli (incl.) and Jakhapura (incl.) (170.903 km) on Khurda road division of East Coast Railway and Chakradharpur Division of South Eastern Railway in the state of Odisha, India'', - in two packages (Package-2)


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