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Jan 28 2005                                                                  Click here to Download Document
Social Resettlement & Rehabilitation Plan of Cuttack - Barang doubling 12.1 km Orissa

The project area falls between Longitude 85a54 08 to 85a5000 and Latitude 20a2432 to 20a2741. The East Coast main line passes through the thickly populated regions of Orissa and connects important townships like Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar and Behrampur. Cuttack is a growing commercial and business centre of East Coast of Orissa and Bhubeneshwar has been growing very rapidly being the capital of the State. Behrampur is also an important business town of South Orissa. Any increase in passenger services to these cities has to pass through the project section. The Chief Transport and Planning Manager, East Coast Railway has made a projection of passenger services till 2009-10. The projections of passenger services in East Coast mainline are presented at Table-1. As shown in the table the present 21 pairs of coaching trains touching Cuttack are expected to increase to 36 pairs by the end of year 2009-2010. It shows that there is a need for introduction of more coaching trains over the East Coast main line touching Cuttack. With growth of freight traffic in the East Coast main line, the numbers of freight trains, which are required to be routed through this section, are expected to rise. In addition, Paradeep port on the East Coast of Orissa is growing very fast and any traffic from South of Cuttack to the port or vice versa, will be routed through this section.

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