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​​ Mode of Project Implementation

Models of Project Implementation​
​ ​

RVNL is implementing rail projects primarily through following models:

  • Formation of Project Specific SPVs having equity and debt financing.
  • Build Own Transfer (BOT) route, wherein the entire financing is arranged by the private developer through equity and debt route.
  • Private Railway, wherein the project is funded as part of the port project.
  • Projects are implemented either through the construction units of Zonal Railways or by award of EPC contract by RVNL and funds are raised by RVNL directly
Projects implemented through SPVs​​
Completed Projects/Partialy Completed Projects

The following projects have been implementated through creation of Project specific Special Purpose Vehicle (SPVs) having equity participation by both strategic and financial investors.

  • Gandhidham – Palanpur Gauge Conversion (Gujarat)
  • Bharuch – Samni – Dahej Gauge Conversion (Gujarat).
  • Obulavaripally-Phase-I Venkatachelam – Krishnapatnam New Line (Andhra Pradesh)
Projects under Implementation
  • Haridaspur – Paradeep New Line & RE (Orissa)
  • ​​​Angul - Sukinda New Line & RE(Orissa)

Projects to be implemented through BOT/EPC Contracts

The project implementation through BOT Model requires financing and construction of the project by the private developer. RVNL will pay Access Charge to the developer for a fixed period of time. In case of EPC contracts, the financial resources will be raised by RVNL and the private firms will undertake construction. The following projects are identified:

  • Delhi – Rewari Gauge Conversion of 2nd Line (Orissa)
  • Rewari – Phulera – Ajmer Gauge Conversion
  • Junction Cabin – Palwal 4th Line
  • Thanjavur – Villupuram Gauge Conversion
  • Daund – Gulbarga Doubling
  • Punskura – Kharagpur 3rd Line
  • Bhildi – Samdari Gauge Conversion
  • Panvel – JNPT Doubling
  • Bhopal – Bina 3rd Line
  • Daitari – Banaspani New Line and Banaspani-Jakhpura RE
  • Pakni – Solapur Doubling
  • Pakni – Mahol Doubling
  • Palwal – Bhuteshwar 3rd Line
  • Cuddalore – Salem Gauge Conversion (Tamil Nadu)
  • Diva - Kaylan doubling of 5&6 Line
  • Gurup - Shaktigath:3rd Line
  • New Delhi -Tilak Bridge:5th & 6th Line
  • Attipattu-Korukkupettai 3rd Line
  • Balapalle-Pullampet:Phase-1 of Gooty-Renigunta Doubling
  • Kharagpur/Nipmura-Bhubaneshwar including branch line of Talcher-Cuttack-Paradip
  • Bhubaneshwar-Kottavalasa
  • Jakhpura-Haridaspur 3rd Line Doubling
  • Tikiapara-Santragachi
  • Panskura-Haldia Phase-I
  • Barauni-Tilrath Bypass Doubling
  • Hospet-Guntakal
  • Salka Road-Annuppur Doubling
  • Panskura-Haldia Phase-II​
Projects being developed as Private Railways
  • Vallarpadiam - Idapalli New Line (Kerala)
  • Projects being implemented through ADB Funding
  • Talcher-Cuttak-Paradeep Doubling with Second Bridge over river Mahanadi at Birupa.
  • Gooty – Renigunta Patch Doubling
  • Bilaspur – Urkura 3rd Line
  • Rajatgarh – Barang
  • Cuttack – Barang Doubling
  • Khurda – Barang 3rd Line
  • Aligarh – Ghaziabad 3rd Line
  • Raichur – Guntakal Doubling
  • Renigunta – Guntakal Railway Electrification
  • Pune - Guntakal Railway Electrification
  • Pattabiram-Tiruvallur 4th Line & Tiruvallur-Arakkonam 3rd Line Doubling

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